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A Day with Deborah Halpern (2015)

Deborah Halpern is one of Australia’s most celebrated sculptors, known for her wildly colourful mosaic work. A multi-disciplinary artist who explores the mediums of sculpture, painting, pottery, glass blowing and printmaking, her work can be exuberant and whimsical but is also imbued with a deep artistry.

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The Making of 'Angel' - Deborah Halpern (1995)

The Making of ‘Angel’ was first featured on the Australian TV network ABC on the ‘Sunday Afternoon’ program in 1995. ‘Angel’ was created by Deborah Halpern and formally took up residence in the moat at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). ‘Angel’ now lives at Birrarung Marr in the CBD of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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