Deborah Halpern

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A Gathering Of Friends

Celebrated Australian sculptor Deborah Halpern will take over Gullotti Galleries in Cottesloe from 3-22 March in a show stopping exhibition titled ‘A Gathering of Friends’.

Halpern is bringing her wildly colourful mosaic works to Perth for the first time in this show stopping exhibition. She has spent the last six months preparing the collection of both sculptures and works on paper, all of which exude joy and vitality.

A favourite work of the artist is a sculpture titled ‘Cleopatra’. The colourful piece has the head of a cat, the face of a human and the body of a bird. According to Halpern, “It might not look like Cleopatra, but it absolutely feels like Cleopatra to me.”

Spontaneous in form, her creatures are painted in a style that recalls visions of Gaudi, Picasso and the playful surrealism of French sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle, yet all have become distinctly Halpernesque in their ability to delight and surprise.


Event date: Mar 3 - 22

Event Venue: Gullotti Galleries - Cottesloe, Western Australia

Event Details: