Deborah Halpern is represented by IGI Talent, a division of Image Group International.

Image Group International (IGI) are an award-winning image and personal branding pioneer established in 1989. IGI is recognised as Australasia’s leading personal brand image advisory with representative offices in New Zealand, Southeast Asia, the UK and the USA.

IGI’s Premium Services include:

› Talent Management & Representation IGI Talent provides a holistic approach to Talent Representation, bringing personalised full service management and leveraged representation expertise to all our talent.

› Personal Branding – Integrating Digital and Offline.

› Reputation Management – Reputrak 360™ – The IGI Reputation Management System™.

IGI Talent specialise in long term career development focused on maximising our talent’s earning potential by building strong personal brands, and targeting partnerships that result in commercial longevity, reputation and success.

IGI Talent introduces talent to our targeted networks of strategic relationships (gallery owners, collectors, private investors, VCs, mentors, media and influencers) as part of our full service offering.

IGI’s Talent Management and Representation service caters for:

    • C-Level and Board Executives
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Elite Athletes
    • Authors and Artists
    • Celebrities (Endorsements)

Your Confidentiality is Protected and Guaranteed.

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